Dominate Your Social Media Presence with These 5 AI-Powered Tools

November 25, 2023By The Jini

Do you find it challenging to stay current with the rapidly evolving social media landscape? Do you find it difficult to manage various platforms, provide compelling content, and monitor your progress? Do not be afraid; we have the answer for you. We’ll present you with five AI-powered social media tools in this article post so you can take control of your online profile. These tools can help you automate publishing, provide ideas for material, evaluate your success, and even improve your advertising campaigns. Let’s commence our investigation into how these technologies can revolutionise your social media strategy.

In today’s landscape, active participation in social media is crucial for individuals and businesses. The rapid and efficient capabilities of AI-powered social networking tools have led to their widespread use. The following list of five such tools can help you rule your social media presence:

Social Bee AI

Utilising numerous networks, this application enables you to automate your social media marketing activities. You may curate material, schedule posts, and keep track of your progress using this AI tool. However, the UI may be too complicated for some users. The UI might be excessively muddled for certain clients. Social Bee has a beginner’s package for $19 per month. After that, you can pick either the growth tier for $39 per month or the pro tier for $79 per month to suit your preferences. In addition, each plan includes a free 14-day trial period.

88Stacks AI

88Stacks is a social media AI platform that aids in growing your following and interaction. The proper audience is targeted while your content is optimised using machine learning algorithms. It only functions with Instagram, which is a drawback. If you wonder about the cost, 88Stacks has two subscription options, which start from the fundamental plan for $29 per month and the premium plan for $49 per month. You can also try their AI services for free for 14 days before you decide to subscribe or choose your package.

Ideacadabra AI

You can use this tool to make interesting social media postings. It offers you a collection of editable templates and topic suggestions. Ideacadabra AI tool make things easier and saves time for sure, but some people might feel they don’t have enough freedom to utilize the tool. Ideacadabra has three pricing options if you wonder about the price: the very basic plan starts at $9 a month, the standard plan is $25 per month, and the professional plan for $79. You can also try any of these plans for free for 14 days before you decide.

Publer AI

With the social media management tool Publer, you can plan and track your postings across a variety of channels. Additionally, it contains a function that enables team collaboration. However, the pricing structures may be difficult for smaller businesses because they tend to be more expensive. Publer has three particular evaluating levels: The basic tier charges $10 per month, the pro tier charges $24 per month, and the agency tier charges $80 per month. Additionally, customers can test the platform’s capabilities for 14 days at no cost.

Automata AI

With the aid of Automata’s AI-powered tools chatbot creator, you can interact with your audience on social media or make your digital marketing strategies better. It can process orders as well as provide FAQs, and gather feedback. However, installation and customization require technical knowledge. The entry-level plan at Automata costs $29 per month, the standard plan costs $99 per month, and the professional plan costs $399 per month. Every plan offers a 14-day free trial, and larger organisations can choose from a unique enterprise option.


Finally, integrating AI-powered technologies into your social media marketing strategy can provide you with a competitive advantage and make your workflow more efficient. Tools like Social Bee, 88Stacks, Ideacadabra, Publer, and Automata can help you improve your social media presence and engagement whether you run a small business or manage social media. You can discover a tool that suits your needs and budget thanks to its distinctive features and flexible pricing options. Why not try them out and improve your social media game?

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Excerpt: Social networking is now crucial for both individuals and companies. It is a fantastic approach to interacting with potential customers or supporters. Using AI-powered solutions can help you manage your social media more effectively and increase the impact of your presence.


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    Dominate Your Social Media Presence with These 5 AI-Powered Tools

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